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MIT Media Lab: Space Enabled



The mission of the Space Enabled research group is to advance justice in Earth's complex systems using designs enabled by space. I worked with Space Enabled in partnership with SCALINGS (funded by EU Horizon 2020), in their US Satellite project location. The study explores innovation in different contexts, and aims to provide actionable recommendations to foster successful scaling in startups.

A systems architecture approach was used to determine successful practices of accelerators in the Boston area. Although exact details are proprietary, an EU policy roadmap will present key takeaways from the SCALINGS research to inform future practices of innovation and guide their scale-up within and beyond Europe.

FobeSoft is a premiere restaurant management software that helps restauranteurs manage their bottom line. Their proprietary software has the ability to increase profits by 20-40% through their generated P&L, as opposed to a custom budget.

We worked with the FobeSoft team to develop their pitch deck and prepare their company for their fundraise. An example of the deck can be found here.



Carnation is a personal finance management platform where users can set financial goals and share them with friends. I partnered with Carnation to write their weekly newsletter. Topics for the weekly newsletter include budgeting and financial advice, professional development, and women's empowerment. 

Carnation developed a community around their newsletter, and continues to generate excitement for their upcoming product launch. We also partnered with Carnation to create their pitch deck and refine their investment pitch, creating a compelling story for Carnation and their potential investors. An example of the deck can be found here. An example of their generated copy can be found here.


Keystone Girls State

Girls State is a non-profit program for young women in high school. Students are competitively selected and learn about the political process by electing officials for all levels of state government and actively running a mock government. KGS lacked an online presence, which worried parents who wanted their children to participate. We worked with Keystone Girls State to develop their online media and engage with their followers.  Our content increased both student and parent engagement on social media, fueling tactical growth for the program moving forward.

Keystone Girls State is now viewed as a prestigious opportunity for young students, where parents can still feel connected with their children through the duration of the program. These posts still generate significant organic search traffic and drives more applicants to the program.

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